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Section 25 – Employees State Insurance Corporation (General Provident Fund) Rules, 1995

25. Manner of payment of amount in the fund

(1) When the amount standing to the credit of a subscriber in the fund become payable, it shall be the duty of the accounting officer to make payment on receipt of a written application in this behalf as provided in sub-rule (3).

(2) If the person whom, under these rules, any amount of policy is to be paid, assigned or reassigned or delivered; is a lunatic for whose estate a manager has been appointed in this behalf under the Lunacy Act, 1912 (4 of 1912), the payment or reassignment or delivery shall be made to such manager and not to the lunatic:

PROVIDED that where no manager has been appointed and the person to whom the sum is payable is certified by a magistrate to be lunatic, the payment shall under the orders of the Collector be made in terms of sub-section (1) of section 93 of the Lunacy Act, 1912 (4 of 1912), to the person having charge of such lunatic and the accounts officer shall pay only the amount which he thinks fit to the person having charge of the lunatic and the surplus, if any, or such part thereof, as he thinks fit shall be paid for the maintenance of such members of the lunatic’s family as are dependent on him for maintenance.

(3) Payment of the amount to be withdrawn shall be made in India only. The persons to whom the amounts are payable shall make their own arrangements to receive payment in India. The following procedure shall be adopted for claiming payment by a subscriber, namely:-

(i) to enable a subscriber to submit an application for withdrawal of the amount in the fund, the head of office shall send to every subscriber necessary forms either one year in advance of the date on which the subscriber attains the age of superannuation, or before the date of his anticipated retirement, if earlier, with instructions that they should be returned to him duly completed within a period of one month from the date of receipt of the forms by the subscriber. The subscriber shall submit the application to the accounts officer through the head of office or department for payment of the amount in the fund. The application shall be made:-

(a) for the amount standing to his credit in the fund as indicated in the account statement for the year ending one year prior to the date of his superannuation, or his anticipated date of retirement, or

(b) for the amount indicated in his ledger account in case of the accounts statement has not been received by the subscriber.

(ii) the head of office or department shall forward the application to the accounts officer indicating the recoveries effected against the advances which are still current and the number of installments yet to be recovered and also indicate the withdrawals, if any, taken by the subscriber after the period covered by the last statement or the subscriber’s accounts sent by the accounts officer.

(iii) The accounts officer shall, after verification with the ledger account, issue an authority for the amount indicated in the application at least a month before the date of superannuation but payable on the date of superannuation.

(iv) The authority mentioned in clause (iii) will constitute the first installment of payment. A second authority for payment will be issued as soon as possible after superannuation. This will relate to the contribution made by the subscriber subsequent to the amount mentioned in the application submitted under clause (i) plus the refund of installments against advances which were current at the time of the first application.

(v) after forwarding the application for final payment to the accounts officer, advance / withdrawal may be sanctioned but the amount of advance / withdrawal shall be drawn on an authorization from the accounts officer concerned who shall arrange this as soon as formal sanction of sanctioning authority
is received by him.

Note: When the amount standing to the credit of a subscriber has become payable under rules 20, 21 and 22 the accounts officer shall authorize prompt payment of the amount in the manner indicated in sub-rule (3).

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