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57. Medical certificate on first examination

Where the examination is the first examination in respect of a spell of sickness or a spell of temporary disablement, the medical certificate shall be in the form of a first certificate (Form 8) and shall be only in respect of the date of examination :

PROVIDED that where the insured person, who needs abstention from work on the day of examination, states that he has been actually sick or temporarily disabled on a day earlier than the date of his first examination, the Insurance Medical Officer may, if he is satisfied as to the truth of the statement that the insured person was unable to present himself for medical examination earlier for reasons beyond his control, certify incapacity for work on the date preceding the date of examination :

PROVIDED FURTHER that where in the opinion of the insurance medical officer, the insured person is likely to become fit to resume work on a date not later than the third day after the date of the examination, the first certificate may be issued in respect of the entire spell of sickness or temporary disablement, and, in such a case, it shall specify the date on which the insured person will, in his opinion, be fit to resume work; such a certificate shall, notwithstanding anything contained in the regulations, be also treated as a final certificate.

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