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9. Matters to be brought before the Corporation

In addition to the matters which are, under any specific provision of the Act or the Central Rules, required to be placed before the Corporation, the following matters shall be referred to the Corporation for its decision:

(a) regulations under section 97 and amendments thereto before final publication;

(b) any measures proposed under section 19 of the Act;

(c) any proposal to extend medical benefit to families under sub-section (2) of section 46;

(d) any dispute proposed to be referred to arbitration under sub-section (4) of section 58;

(e) any proposal to set up hospitals under section 59;

(f) any proposal to grant exemption under section 91;

(g) any proposal to enhance benefits under section 99;

(h) any other matter which the Corporation or its Chairman may direct the Standing Committee or the Director-General to place before the Corporation.

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