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Section 14 – Employees State Insurance (Central) Rules, 1950

14. Powers and duties of the Medical Benefit Council

The powers and duties of the Medical Benefit Council shall be-

(1) to advise the Corporation in regard to the constitution, setting up duties and powers of the regional and local Medical Benefit Councils;

(2) to make recommendations to the Corporation in regard to-

(i) the scale and nature of medical benefit provided at hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and other institutions and the nature and the extent of the medicines, staff and equipment which shall be maintained at such institutions and the extent to which these fall short of the desired standard;

(ii) the medical formulary for use in connection with the medical benefit provided under the Act;

(iii) medical certification, including the procedure and the forms for such certification, statistical returns, registers and other medical records;

(iv) measures undertaken for the improvement of the health and welfare of insured persons, and the rehabilitation and re-employment of insured persons, disabled or injured.

(3) to advise the Corporation on any matter relating to the professional conduct of any medical practitioner employed for the purpose of providing medical benefit under the Act.

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