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Section 55 – Employees State Insurance (Central) Rules, 1950

55. Sickness benefit

(1) Subject to the provisions of the Act and the regulations, a person shall be qualified to claim sickness benefit for sickness occurring during any benefit period if the contribution in respect of him were payable for not less than 36[seventy-eight days in] of the corresponding contribution period and shall be entitled to receive such benefit at the daily standard benefit rate for the period of his sickness:

PROVIDED that he shall not be entitled to the benefits for the first two days of sickness in the case of a spell of sickness following, at an interval of not more than fifteen days, the spell of sickness for which sickness benefits were last paid:

PROVIDED FURTHER that sickness benefits shall not be paid to any person for more than ninety-one days in any two consecutive benefit periods.

(2) The daily rate of sickness benefits in respect of a person during any benefit period shall be the “standard benefit rate” specified in rule 54 corresponding to the average daily wages of that person during the corresponding contribution period.

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