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17. Confiscation and redemption

(1) Any imported goods or materials in respect of which-

(a) any condition of the license, or letter of authority under which they were imported, relating to their utilization or distribution; or

(b) any condition, relating to their utilization or distribution, subject to which they were received from or through an agency recognized by the Central Government; or

(c) any condition imposed under the policy with regard to the sale or disposal of such goods or materials;

has been, is being, or is attempted to be, contravened, shall together with any package, covering or receptacle in which such goods are found, be liable to be confiscated by the adjudicating authority, and where such goods or materials are so mixed with any other goods or materials that they cannot be readily separated, such other goods or materials shall also be liable to be so confiscated:

PROVIDED that where it is established to the satisfaction of the adjudicating authority that any goods or materials which are liable to confiscation under this rule, had been imported for personal use, and not for any trade or industry, such goods, or materials shall not be ordered to be confiscated.

(2) The adjudicating authority may permit the redemption of the confiscated goods or materials upon payment of redemption charges equivalent to the market value of such goods or materials.

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