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Section 57 – Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957

57. Dissolution of Works Committee

The Central Government, or where the power under section 3 has been delegated to any officer or authority under section 39, such officer or authority may, after making such inquiry as it or he may deem fit, dissolve any Works Committee at any time, by an order in writing, if he or it is satisfied that the Committee has not been constituted in accordance with these rules or that not less than two-thirds of the number of representatives of the workmen have without any reasonable justification failed to attend three consecutive meetings of the Committee or that the Committee had, for any other reason, ceased to function:

PROVIDED that where a Works Committee is dissolved under this rule the employer may, and if so required by the Central Government or, as the case may be, by such officer or authority, shall take steps to re-constitute the Committee in accordance with these rules.

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