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Section 67 – Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957

67. Commissioner’s report

(1) The Commissioner after such local inspection as he deems necessary and after reducing to writing the evidence taken by him, shall return such evidence together with his report in writing signed by him to the Labor Court.

(2) The report of the Commissioner and the evidence taken by him (but not the evidence without the report) shall be evidence in the industrial dispute and shall form part of the record of the proceedings in the industrial dispute; but the Labor Court or, with the permission of Labor Court any of the parties to the industrial dispute may examine the Commissioner personally before the Labor Court regarding any of the matters referred to him or mentioned in his report or as to his report, or as to the manner in which he has made the investigation.

(3) Where the Labor Court is for any reason dissatisfied with the proceedings of the Commissioner it may direct such further enquiry to be made as it shall think fit.

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