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5. Nominations

(1) A working journalist shall, as soon as he completes three years of continuous service, or in the case of those who have completed three years of continuous service at the commencement of the Act, as soon as may be after these rules come into force, make a nomination in form A conferring the right to receive any gratuity payable under the Act, in the event of this death before the amount has become payable of, where the amount has become payable, before the payment has been made. 1[Where the nominee is a minor, a working. Journalist shall appoint any person in Form AA to receive the gratuity in the event of working journalists death during the minority of the nominee.]

(2)A working journalist may, in his nomination distribute the amount that may be come due to him amongst his nominees at his own discretion.


3[(3)] A nomination made under sub-rule (1) 4[***] may at any time be modified by the working journalist after giving a written notice of his intention to do so in Form B. If the nominee predeceases the working journalist, the interest of the nominee shall revert to the working journalist, who may make a fresh nomination in accordance with these rules.

3[(4)] A nomination or its modification shall take effect, to the extent it is valid on the date on which it is received by the newspaper establishment.

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