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7. Special provisions regarding editors etc.-

(1) he provision of this Chapter shall not apply to editors, or to correspondents, reporters or news-photographers.

(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1), the following provisions shall apply to every correspondent, reporter or news-photographer stationed at the place at which the newspaper (in relation to which any such person is employed) is published, namely:-

(a)Subject to such agreement as may be arrived at either collectively or individually between the parties concerned, every such correspondent, reporter or news photographer shall, once he enters upon duty on any day, be deemed to be on duty throughout that day in he finishes all the work assigned to him during that day:

Provided that if such correspondent, reporter or news-photographer has had at his disposal for rest any interval or intervals for a total period of two hours or less between any two or more assignments of work, he shall not be deemed to be on duty during Such period;

Provided further that where the total period of such interval or intervals exceeds two hours, he shall be deemed to be on duty during the period, which is in excess of the said period of two hours;

(b)Any period of work in excess of thirty-six hours during any week (which shall be considered as a unit of work for the purposes of this sub-rule) shall be compensated by rest during the succeeding week and shall be given in one or more spells of not less than three hours each

Provided that where the aggregate of the excess hours worked falls short of three hours, the duration of rest shall be limited only to such excess.

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