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Tips to clean living room

Remove clutter from the living room. Dispose off everything that you do not need. You may be one of those who keeps preserving every tit-bit, thinking it will come in use in future. Now, get rid of those stuffs that you haven’t used in the past two months. However, make sure that these things are not going to be of any use to you.

You can deposit all the clutter items in a garbage bag and throw them off at one time. Removing the clutter should be the first step, as it makes your effort visible and thus restrains you from getting de-motivated.
Take a step ladder and climb on it, carrying a long-handled broom. Clean the ceiling and corners of the living room, making sure that all the spider webs have been removed properly. Using the same broom, clean your ceiling fan and light fixtures.

Catch hold of your vacuum cleaner, along with its attachments, and start cleaning your couch. Remove all the dust, food crumbs and lint clinging on to the couch.

Properly dust your book shelves, CD and DVD shelves and decorative items, like paintings and statues, placed in your living room.

For special metal surfaces, like brass sculptures, silver artifacts and chrome picture frames, use specific cleaners available in the market.
Dust the furniture properly and then apply a mild furniture polish on it. Then, wipe the entire area clean with a dry cloth.

Use a wet cloth to wipe the tabletops, window panes and frames. You can use a non-abrasive cleaner for this purpose.

Clean the switch plates, phones and door knobs, using disinfecting wipes. Dust your television screen and then wipe it, using a proper cleaning solution.

Take out the carpet and sweep the floor properly. Wash it using water and disinfectant. Allow the floor to dry properly.

In the mean time, clean your carpet using your vacuum cleaner. Once your floor is dry, spread your carpet over the floor.

Lastly, ensure that all things are placed back in their proper place and in a tidy manner.

Spray some good smelling room freshener and find your living room looking as good as new.


If you are using vacuum cleaner for cleaning the floor, take care that you move the cleaner back and forth in a proper sequence, all around the room. It is always advisable to start from one wall and then do the vacuuming in strips. In this manner, you reach the opposite wall cleaning the whole floor systematically.

If you have delicate silver objects in your living room, clean them with a soft cloth dipped in water, preventing scratches and discoloration.

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