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Food for joint pains

Here are some foods that promote stronger bone conditions and a superior fight against osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

Soya – soya protein has been tried and tested to be the only vegetable protein source with all the essential amino acids. People have reported notable improvement in the knee pain conditions and a much lesser discomfort and even a need for fewer intakes of medicines after consistent soya protein consumption for a period of three months.

Fruits –Fruits are a great source for naturally abundant minerals and vitamins. On a study conducted on around two hundred and ninety three adult Australians a consistent diet rich in fruits successfully minimized the risks to develop any liaisons in the bone marrow – an initial and primary sign of the onset of the worst set of pain and osteoarthritis in the knee region.

The fruits full of Vitamin C like those of mango, papaya, orange, kiwi, and grapes are the most effective treatment for knee pain. According to the researchers the vitamin C in the fruits helps protecting the supportive structures of the bones and the knee joints.

Fish –Fish is another excellent medicine found naturally, especially the fish oil has prove to make miracles happen. It has been long proven that people with sudden muscular pains are treated and prescribed with “Omega three and six fatty acids” and “cod liver oil” in medicinal supplementations for betterment.

In recent years numerous other studies have proven the fish oil
and fish to be greatly beneficial for joint pains and other issues like that of stiffness of the rheumatoid arthritis.

Recent studies are showing that the same Omega-3 fatty acids can not only help in blocking the harmful chemicals causing inflammation causing osteoarthritis to worsen, but as well successfully helps in preventing the growth of harmful proteins responsible for wearing down of cartilage of the knee.

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