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Footcare tips

1. In a bucket of warm water, add 10ml of dettol, and 20 ml of shampoo. Place your foot for 10 minutes and relax. This method removes all dirt’s, germs from your foot and makes soft and clean giving a pleasant look to your foots.
2. Massage your foot till your knee from bottom to top with any massage cream or moisturizing lotion. This adds beauty to your legs.
3. Take a cotton, and nail polish remover. Remove the nail polish from your nails. Cut your nails properly so that the skin is not shown. Scrub the nails and give a uniform shape to nails.
4. When you do nail polish give two coatings and after it dries give one more coating to have a glossy appearance.

Excercise for footcare

1. Routine habit of walking on gravels or soft thorns in bear foot is a good exercise as it regulates the flow of blood throughout the body in a unvarying manner.
2. Do not wear high heels slippers to prevent leg pain. A study shows wearing of such high heels leads to cardiac problems. Pregnant women are advised to evade wearing such shoes.
3. Wearing of narrow Shoes is also not advisable for the same reason as above.
4. Cycling, Jogging and walking are also good exercise for foot care.
5. Doing skipping daily is also very good exercise

How to select Shoes/Footwear?

1. Select footwear to your liking of colour and shape so that you are satisfied with your selection.
2. After selection wear it and try it by walking and check if it comforts you.
3. Do not select tight footwear. Generally they must be airy.
4. Let selection be based on the quality rather than its cost.
5. If you had selected leather footwear then special care must be taken so that it does not get wet. If it gets wet, its shape, beauty will be spoiled and also its life span will be reduced.
6. Select footwear so that its bottom is not slippery and hard.
7. In rainy season, rubber footwear should not be worn as it would slip off.
8. Old women, vadha diseased patience should wear footwear at all places always.
9. Leather footwear are better than plastic one as for those who have rheumatism, and week patients, wearing plastic foot wears will increase the heat of the body leading to eye irritation and over sweating.
10. Always check inside part of shoes before wearing.
11. Always do polish your footwear with appropriate colours as it not only enhances beauty also increases its life span by absorbing any moisture in it.
12. Do not ask others to get one for you by specifying the leg size. The selection must be yours.
13. Those who wear rubber and plastic footwear must clean it daily.

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