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Calorie conscious diet plan

Are you overweight ?

Have you decided to go for a diet plan? Before you do so know what is required for your body in order to keep it healthy.

While selecting foods in diet plan, keep the level of vitamins, minerals, starch and protein level required by body unaltered.

You could cut down intake of sweets, cake, biscuits, potatoes, fried foods alcohol, cold drinks, ice creams etc.

Look out for foods like salad, soups, citrus fruits etc for better nourishment for your body and keeping low calorie intake.

In order to keep digestive system unaffected, eat lot of roughage, vegetables, and fibrous foods etc. Avoid foods that make your body sluggish and inefficient.

Some useful tips for calorie conscious diet plan:

1.Plan your meals beforehand. Don’t eat anything high in calories due to non availability of right food.
2.Eat vegetables and fruits raw as far as possible.
3.Replace chocolates with nuts and dried foods. They are not only low in calories but are very good for your health.
4.Avoid any thing fried.
5.Use non stick cookware for cooking foods. It could help in cooking food with very little oil.
6.Go for white meat instead of red meat.
7.Replace your regular bread with whole wheat bread.
8.Cut down intake of sugar.
9.Cut down intake of coffee, tea and cold drinks.
10.Cut down salt in your food.
11.Drink plenty of water in tune of 3-5 liters per day.
12.Balance intake of food during day.

If your food habits are not inline with above tips then don’t panic and try to change everything overnight. Give yourself a month to fall back to correct diet. If you are overweight, you would see changes soon.

Check for following regularly:
2.Chest Measurement
3.Waist measurement
4.Hip measurement
5.Thighs measurement

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