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Hair Care

A number of factors – age, diet, season, climate, pollution, stress and anxietyaffect your hair and scalp. Following an Ayurvedic diet is always the first step to healthy and attractive hair. The best Ayurvedic remedy is always eating lots of leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and sprouts.

Another important factor is how you wash your hair. Remember that with a balanced, nutritious diet and all-natural, gentle hair care products, you can maintain your hair’s strength, health and luster for years to come.

Some common hair problems and easy natural remedies are described below:

Dandruff is purely a scalp disease, where dead scalp cells accumulate as flakes at the hair roots. It causes itchy scalps leading to further damage when scratched. Any damage to scalp may cause secondary infection leading to hair loss and affecting the health of hair in general.

Dandruffs may be caused by aggravated vata dosha. Aggravated vata results in dry scalps. Improper maintenance of greasy hair may also cause dandruffs. Unhygienic hair conditions cause accumulation of toxins on the scalp, leading to hair dandruff.

Easy Home Remedies

Add 4 grams of camphor in 100 liters of coconut or neem (margosa) oil and store in a glass container. Massage this oil every night before bedtime, and if possible after baths.

Another simple hair massage oil may be made with one teaspoon each of castor oil, mustard oil and coconut oil. Massage your scalp with this every night before bedtime.

Massage your hair roots regularly with a mixture of one part of lemon juice to two parts of coconut oil. Leave on for three or hour hours, and wash off with warm water. You may massage this oil every night before bedtime before washing it off with a mild shampoo.

A concoction made with one part of sandal wood oil to three parts of lemon juice is highly effective. Briskly shake this mixture in a glass bottle before applying.
Hair Loss
Losing 70 to 80 hairs of your head daily is quite normal. In damp weather this amount may increase. But if your hair loss is above this, you may be facing hair loss problems.

Hair is basically nourished by the nutrient plasma that is produced by the food we take. But the healthy growth of hair is impeded because of following the wrong food and lifestyle habits, exposure to an excess of chemicals and cosmetics, ill health such as weak eye sight, sinusitis, chronic headaches, general debility, stress and mental tension. Hair loss is also caused by taking too much of strong chemical medicines, the presence of dandruff or hair lice, and hormonal imbalance.

Easy Home Remedies

It is essential to daily massage the scalp of affected person for 10 to 15 minutes after bathing it with water. This mechanical action strengthens the hair follicles by stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.

Increase your intakes of green leafy vegetables, salads, milk, fruits and sprouts. Take more proteins, milk, buttermilk, yeast, wheat germ, soybean and vitamin A.
Premature Graying
When a person’s hair begins to turn gray before the age of 35, the condition is called premature graying of hair.

Excess of pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of premature graying. Pitta is increased by the excessive intake of caffeinated and alcoholic drinks, meats and by excessive smoking. Pitta is also aggravated by eating too much of fried, greasy, spicy, and acidic food. Overdoing all or even any one of them may be the cause of your gray hair!

Easy Home Remedies

Prepare an Ayurvedic powder by mixing together equal quantities of turmeric, amla and neem or margosa leaves. One teaspoon of this powder can be taken twice a day with water. In case amla and neem are not available, only a half-teaspoon of turmeric powder may be had twice a day with water.

Constipation may often be the cause of these hair conditions. Use a mild Ayurvedic laxative such as triphala everyday.

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