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Herbal hair care tips

The hair should have that vital, alive look with a shine, elasticity and bounce.It is this vitality that is responsible for the youthful quality that all women try so hard to achieve.

Before you get down to hair care, it is important to first make sure what kind of hair you have, and then to look after sit accordingly.

Dry hair:

Dry hair, for example, would need plenty of nourishment. The roots require extra oil and feeding. So if you have dry hair, make it a point to use shampoos and tonics that have nutritive value, preferably with lanolin or Vaseline bases. Eggs shampoos go a long way towards preventing hair dryness.

Hot oil treatments, like massages with warm olive oil are extremely beneficial for toning dry hair and for preventing it from becoming brittle. It is a good idea to steam the scalp before a hot oil massage is done. Soaking a towel in hot water and wrapping it around the scalp is an excellent method for opening up the pores of the scalp. Since this is an easy treatment it can be at home easily.

Right methods of hair massage, a good nourishing hair preparation is required. With the fingers planted firmly on the head, work in small, circular strokes, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise, moving the skin of the scalp as you do so. A listless massage is useless.

Wash hair with lanolin based shampoo, and always rinse your hair with a gentle acidic solutions so as to rid the scalp of the alkaline mantle. This is easily and economically done by using 2 tbsp of cosmetic vinegar in your last rinse. It helps prevent excessive oiliness and gives the scalp a chance to prevent as well as to rid itself of infection.

Oily hair:

Oily hair requires a completely different therapy. It is important to remember that though brushing is very good for healthy hair, too much brushing is not good for oily hair because it stimulates oil glands that are already over-active.

You must take care to buy something that will brace the scalp and prevent oiliness. If your hair is oily, it needs ti be washed every third or fourth day. A good nourishing shampoo is often the best for oily hair. Excessive oiliness, when neglected, often leads to falling hair and premature baldness, especially in men, after 35.

Dandruff is dangerous:

Dandruff is a scalp disease. Some forms of dandruff can cause sever itching and when one scratches the scalp to relive itching, further damage is caused. Dandruff as well as other bacterial and fungal infections of the scalp can be cured, but very often people get resigned to living with mild forms of dandruff and overlook the necessity of having it treated. If you bring about a change in your diet and living habits, consume more fresh foods and drink plenty of water, you will be tackling the problem at the grass roots.
Herbs like henna, shikaki, reetha and amla are antiseptic ingredients provided by nature and have a wonderful cleansing action, without the harmful effects of detergents. Light oil massage often helps to dislodge the dandruff flakes, though there is a myth about the effectiveness of head massage. In actuality, when there is hair loss, a vigorous massage can cause more hair to fall, as the roots are already weak. Besides, it can damage the hair shaft. The scalp should be massaged gently. The finger tips should be used to move the skin of the scalp in small circulatory movements.

A light massage with hot oil helps to rid the scalp of the flakes. Pure coconut oil or olive oil can be heated and applied on the scalp with a gentle massage a night. It should be left overnight. Next morning the juice of one lemon should be applied an hour before shampooing. This can be a good weekly treatment for the scalp.

Henna is a natural product that also helps to control dandruff infections. Henna powder mixed with 1 tbsp of yoghurt, few drops of lemon juice and water, applied on the scalp and left for at least 2 hrs, helps in controlling dandruff and improving the texture of the hair.

Henna promotes hair growth, restores health and also conditions hair to a luxuriant, shiny, soft texture. It has an effective cleansing action, getting rid of toxic wastes that accumulate on the scalp, inhibiting natural hair growth.

Where the dandruff is concerned, there is a great necessity to keep the hair, combs, towels and pillow cases absolutely clean, as there are chances of re-infections. Dandruff can be infectious and one should keep personal belongings separate, so that chances of infecting others are eliminated. Whenever you wash your hair, soak your brushes and combs in a mug of hot water containing an antiseptic solution.

What many do not know is that dandruff can cause skin problems like pimples, acne or rash. Those prone to dandruff often have spots and pimples on the forehead or cheeks and on the back.

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