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How to beat asthma

Asthma partially obstructs the bronchial tubes, making breathing difficult. The cause of asthma is still not known. But if you are an asthma sufferer, you can, through natural means, considerably reduce the number of asthma attacks you get.
A placebo study has shown that asthmatics who consume 1 gram of vitamin C per day had 4 times fewer attacks. When they stopped taking vitamin C, the attacks resumed with the same frequency as before As for magnesium, it also works wonders! Dr. Zack H. Haddad of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southern California conducted a study on thirty children suffering from asthma associated with allergies.
Twenty of them drank a daily amount of mineral water rich in magnesium, while the others received no magnesium supplement.
After three months, the first group had a higher level of magnesium in their blood, and they were able to breathe more easily.So taking vitamin C and magnesium is an excellent way to prevent asthma attacks.But what can you do to breathe more easily during an attack?
Simply drink 2 or 3 cups of strong coffee. By activating blood circulation, it eases respiratory blockage.

In addition, the American Lung Association recommends the following exercise:
l. While standing, contract all your muscles. Keep them contracted for a few seconds.
2. Release the muscles, like letting the air out of a balloon. Relax all your muscles completely until you feel like a limp cloth.
3. Let yourself fall to the floor, and stretch out. Close your eyes and relax your face and your feet.
4. Imagine that you are floating on water. Concentrate on the effect the earth’s gravity has on your muscles and on the pleasant feeling of being completely relaxed.
5. Breathe gently and quietly, as if you were about to fall asleep.
6. Open your eyes.
Practising this exercise when you feel an attack coming on, or once it is already started, will help you overcome your asthma condition.

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