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How to get rid of pimples

Dust, heat and high pollution levels add to the skin woes of both young and old, girls and boys. With some care, you can get rid of pimples.

Understanding acne

Pimples are nothing but simple cysts. They can be of many types: pus-filled, without pus, reddish or very hard, like cysts. It’s important to take care of pimples so that they don’t recur.

“Wash your face at least three to four times a day. Do not use cream-based products, only water or gel-based,” explains beauty expert .

“Thick concealers having astringent can hide pimples. Apply a peeling cream every night and use an oil control mattifying cream,” says Simmi Ghai, makeup and beauty expert, Xpressions.

Hide it well
You can hide pimples by using a concealer. “After putting the concealer, use a powder-based pancake or compact. Use a powder base blush and keep your base minimal,” suggests Dutta. During the day, use calamine lotion over the concealer to keep the skin cool and dry.

However, makeup may aggravate pimples. “Makeup and cleansing milk can give oil to skin and cause more acne,” says Ghai. Tea tree oil when applied over pimples dries them.

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