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Lower Blood Sugar with insulin plant

Costus igneus, common name Fiery Costus or Spiral Flag also called insulin plant; Costus igneus belongs to the Costaceae family. In Siddha medicine, it is known as Kostum; Other Indian names are, isebsab (Palauan), keukand (Hindi), pakarmula (Gujarati), pushkarmula (Marathi and Sanskrit), and kostam (Tamil).

Costus igneus is a species of herbaceous plant in the Costaceae family, It is related to the gingers and was originally part of the Zingiberaceae family. It is claimed to help build up insulin in the human body and is sometimes referred to as the Insulin Plant.

This plant has large fleshy looking light green leaves. The undersides is smooth, dark green leaves have light purple shade. The leaves are spirally arranged around the stem, forming attractive, arching clumps arising from underground rootstocks. The maximum height of these plants is about two feet. The flowers are orange in color and are beautiful, 1.5-inch diameter. Flowering occurs during the warm months. And they appear to be cone-like heads at the tips of branches.

Medicinal Uses :

The leaves of this medicinal plant is used in the treatmentt of Diabetes.
It is also possible to consume the leaves by drying and grinding powder of the leaves.
The dried powder of leaves of this plant is taken in the dose of 1/2 to 1 gram twice a day to lower blood sugar in diabetes patients.
The fresh leaves of this plant is chewed two times daily for 1 week after 1 week, 1 leaf should be chewed twice a day this dosage should be continued for 1 month.

It is said that this treatment is effective in bringing blood sugar levels under control in diabetes patients. it is adviced not to take these leaves more than 15 days continuesly or any side effects found.

Important Note: Taking the insulin plant over a long period will effect kidneys. Please avoid this plant for long term;

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