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Hair Care with GARLIC

Garlic is Anti fungal which is not only used in cooking for its gastronomical properties but its a cure and remedy for many skin/body too.

Urban Legends says Garlic is used to shoo away Ghosts too.

Garlic is best Home remedy for premature hair fall , Anti dandruff and skin Problems.

For Skin fungus problem, Grind 2/3 Garlic add half tbs of turmeric powder, mix well with few drops of neem oil and apply on fungus skin patch twice a day.

Main cause for premature hair fall is Tension / Commercial hair products / Climate / diet and the way you treat your hair.

Do not try / experiment different shampoos
Do not apply hair dye to scalp.
Do not take head bath daily or sit under the shower.
Do not take hot water head bath.
Do not sit / work under the sun directly for long wear cap.
Avoid Hair dye and hair dryer.
Do nor Rub hard to dry hair.
Massage head once a while with pure coconut oil(not purified/perfumed)

Same for Hair Care, Grind 5/6 big Garlics, make smooth paste add little water,just to spread all over the roots of hair or to apply where hair falls.
Brush off any Garlic pieces in hair, wait for 1 hour. keep longer is better.
Apply twice a week.
if you can tolerate its smell then, apply over night and wash off in the morning.
Wash with cold water and soap nut/shikakai powder mixer, if its not available use shikakai soap.
Do not use any so called commercial hair gels or shampoo which claim to be dandruff/Hair fall preventers.
With one attempt you get the result, itching will stop, if you have.
Hair will be more silky, clean and fresh; better than any Commercial hair lotions.
it will moist your head skin if your skin is dry.
After 4 attempt you will see dandruff stopped; if you are not using commercial products.

Its a Arabic Home remedy, tested and proved, if you are allergic to Garlic do not use it.

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