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Remedies for Dark circles

There are a lot of home remedies which will help your dark circles to disappear. Glance quickly at some of the home remedies for coping with dark circles.

Cutting cucumber slices, putting it on the eyes and relaxing for about 20 minutes is a very effective method to prevent dark circles.

Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday as this will help your dark circles to fade away.

Consumption of vitamin C and iron can help to reduce dark circles. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables which has vitamin E could be of great help.

Massaging your eyes with almond oil is also a good home remedy.

Make a paste of turmeric powder and pineapple juice. Now, apply this paste on the dark circles and keep it for some time.

Crush the leaves of mint and then put it on the eyes. This is an effective way to reduce dark circles.

A good sleep of 8 hours is very necessary in prevention or reduction of dark circles. It is a recommendation for avoiding dark circles.

Daily consumption of tomato juice with mint leaves, lemon and salt is considered very helpful. Also it can be a good remedy.

Make cucumber juice or potato juice and put it under your eyes with help of cotton balls. It proves to be very effective.

Make a paste of tomato and lemon juice. Apply it under your eyes by using cotton balls. This is another good home remedy for under eye circles.

Making creams and mixtures by having vitamin E nutrient in it and applying them twice in a day is very helpful.

Avoid sun exposure or else wear sunglasses whenever you are getting exposed to the sun.

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