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Treatment of Baby Jaundice

The most common treatment of jaundice is phototherapy – exposure to light.
In a hospital are used bililights Levels of bilirubin of 20 mg/dl or greater may be dangerous for the infant and in some cases might affect the nervous system but it depends on the cause of jaundice.

Remember that breast-milk jaundice is also considered abnormal, but has no effect on the baby. In the cases in which baby’s nervous system is damaged by jaundice, also there are other symptoms like weight loss, lethargy, and looks sick. If the baby looks healthy and active, and has a good weight gain, you should not be worried. If you are concerned, consult your doctor.

In a hospital are used bililights. Bililights might be ordered by your doctor and provided for home treatment with instructions how to use them.

Bililights have a series of fluorescent lights that are placed over the baby’s bed. Light changes the structure of bilirubin found just under the surface of the skin. In this way it is easier for the liver to excrete it.

The baby stays in Isolette or a radiant warmer bed. The baby is undressed to provide maximum exposure. Usually the baby is under the light for a few hours over the span of several days. During phototherapy, the baby’s eyes are covered with a mask to prevent exposure to the bright light. The baby position is changed to allow all areas of the baby’s skin to be exposed to the light.

Under the light, the baby has frequent and loose bowel movements. Her stools are greenish in color. This is temporary and will stop when treatment is discontinued.

How Do I Use Sunlight to Treat Jaundice?

When using sunlight it is good to remember to expose the baby to indirect sunlight early in the morning between 8 and 10 am or in the late afternoon between 16 and 18 pm. The baby’s room should be when using sunlight to treat the jaundice undress the baby. Keep the baby in a room that has a lot of sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight, which can cause sunburn.

Sunlight in moderate amounts has many benefits. It is true that excess amount of direct sunlight can lead to skin cancer, but still wisely used sunlight will heal the body rather than make it sick. The sunlight acts on substances in the skin, destroying the bilirubin stored under the skin. Sunlight is also necessary for the production of vitamin D. Sunlight also unlocks the vitamins in food.

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