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Vitamin D could save aged from frequent falls

A new study suggests that people above 65 years should take high dose of vitamin D to prevent falls.
The research has found that a daily supplement of the vitamin at a dose of 700-1000 IU (an international unit of measurement for vitamins) reduces the risk of falling among older people by 19 per cent, while a dose of less than that has no effect.
The study has been published online in the British Medical Journal. An international team of researchers observed eight fall-prevention trials results to assess the effectiveness of vitamin D in preventing falls among older individuals.
The results showed that benefit from supplemental vitamin D on fall prevention depended on treatment dose. Supplemental vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 were investigated.
Apparently, 700-1000 IU supplemental vitamin D per day (vitamin D2 or vitamin D3) reduced falls by 19 per cent and up to 26 per cent with vitamin D3. However, this effect was independent of age, type of dwelling or additional calcium supplementation. Supplemental vitamin D did not reduce falls at a dose of less than 700 IU per day. Seemingly, the use of active forms of vitamin D was less effective than 700-1000 IU supplemental vitamin D.

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