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SOLVED – wpForo – ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key – Google reCAPTCHA v3 block admin login

I setup Google reCAPTCH v3 in my wpForo. after that i tested without logout from other browser if its works fine or not. only after making sure i logged out. but next day i was getting ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key even everything was…

KORLAI – Portuguese speaking village in India

Korlai village is in Raigad District of Maharashtra state, India. The village of Korlai lies on the mouth of Kundalika River, across from the ruins of a large Portuguese fort, which is located in Revdanda. Korlai is a village of Christian inhabitants, is located between…


COVID-19 defeated – How i cured myself, Symptoms and treatment for Corona at home

I am 51 year old, physically healthy, No diabetes, Pressure or allergies. I can eat anything but hardly had any junk food or from McD/KFC. usually I take one time food per day Lunch or Dinner but with dinner I take one raw onion and…

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