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When Men dug other Men’s Grave

In Dowry Prohibition Act, Women one word is enough to land man into Jail and burdon of proof lies on him, and most of these cases turn out to be false, only filled when marriage was on the brink of Divorce. No girl Family is reporting Dowry demand, nor they have problem giving dowry unless marriage sore.

Domestic Violence act enacted only against men, and left men without option even wife is violent, and harass husbands every day.

Sexual harassment at workplace, and Rape case is totally biased against men, even some women filled Rape case even they never seen that man, but Indian judiciary take such cases on her words without any enquiry, in some cases women slept with someone else but filled case on someone else when she caught red-handed.

Marital Rape is another law, indirectly applied on husband when he is not dancing the tune of his wife.

There are hundred such cases, only against men. And most of the time Burdon of proof lies on MEN only. [ Ref :  http://mynation.net/gender-equality.htm   ] and there is not a single law like is in England, Ref : http://mynation.net/mhact.htm

There are many more such laws in NCW/WCDs waiting list. Sooner than later they will make it.

Majority Parliamentarian, Rajya Sabha Members, 98% of all Judges, 95% all Lawyers and 97% all tax payers are men.
What they were doing when such Gender biased laws are made. Which take decades and all their resources to prove themself innocent.

Not only men were sleeping when such laws made, even after 2/3 decades men are harassed and Blackmailed which shows these Fat assed men are not only Deaf and Blind but dumb too.
Even these laws are effected one way or another they have no Voice against it. Even its Bread and butter to lawyers but somehow it will affect them too, but no one tried to make it Gender neutral…

That’s SAD situation of Indian men….

NO, NO, it’s not SAD situation or they have no voice, but all these men are Wearing Bangles, Common man exclaimed.

6 thoughts on “When Men dug other Men’s Grave

  1. I think the reason is specifically Indian Men and even more broadly speaking Indian society which breed such men. For example this article says Indian men ‘”wear bangles””. What does that mean? Is the term wearing bangles derogatory. Does it mean that one cannot support or speak out for what is fair, correct and right ? Or does it mean that one does not have the mentatlity for a blind fight, for mindless violence not bothering about the cause of what is correct and right but serving of one’s ego (masculinity?). Unless Indian men grow up to be more broad minded, balanced and fair, I feel more such laws and stricter enforcement of these laws are in store for them. Just look at the sort of language and reactions that some of us spout in these forums. Any balanced person will also turn up against the men who speak with such violence and venom.

  2. Feminists made so many laws to harass men, so they can legally harass and scote free. and all Henpecked, bangle wearing men said YES when its made, without thinking. when those laws can be made gender neutral and misuse free.
    im sure above person, so called SURESH is either female or wearing bangles thats why he cannt digest what is written in the article.

  3. Wearing Bangles means, Man who support Women.
    Man who act / speak like women, in her favor.
    Man who is not capable to think like man.
    Man who go against men in support of women,in her Crime
    Man who ditch his own kind in False claim of a Woman.
    Man who Blindly support every word of Woman even its False.
    Man who dance to Women Tune, Do everyhting as she says, even its wrong.

    No one says Support men in his crime if he commit, i think Author ask Support wisely, not Blindly.

  4. How is the author concluding that just because one has the numbers (98% judges, 95% lawyers etc. etc. are men) laws should be made not to protect the women. Just proves that men adopt tha might is right policy. What should be argued is that these women empowering laws are perfectly OK but the woman should definetly get punished if it is proven that these special laws have been misused by her (for whatever reason). That’s all. This will ensure accountability. For all hundreds of cases of men wrongly charged by these gender special laws the law enforcement machinery/ courts should ensure that in case the cases are frivolous the woman is given exemplary punishment for misuse of these laws. We cannot however have the luxurry of not having such laws in our country where might is right’is the principle and when Indians are world renowned for our hypocrisy. Rampant corruption is a symptom of this Indian ethos. As also the fact that we mouth glory of Indian culture and how well we treat our women when Indian cities are probably the most unsafe for women and when anyone is raped in India the Police and authorities blame the woman reather than the perpetrator. For the hundred case of wrongly charged men in courts (no doubt this is still very inexcusable- no innocent should be punished) in India there would be lakhs of atrocities on women which do not even get reported.

  5. Who says, Law not to made to Protect Women.
    Author is saying why laws are made only to protect Women.
    Why Laws are made Gender neutral when its made.
    There are so many laws which are misused already that not mean, keep on do more such laws.
    and recent Study shows 75% rape cases are False, what do you tell about that. so there should be punishment for filling false case too, thats why no one believe when Rape case was filed.

    No one is asking to make favoring men Laws, but asking gender balanced, use SPOUSE instead WOMEN and also punish misuser, so if men misuse they will be punished too.

  6. There is no law to protect men in frivolous cases filed by women looters who find this as a shortest route to make money. The man is harassed to defend himself in court and spend his hard earned money in court fees and to fat advocates.

    If the man is proved innocent by the court, does the woman who filed false case go to jail? No. Why? Is such a man reimbursed his expenses, his time and his dignity for defending himself successfully? No. Why?

    Why? Because the law is an ass as it is not self-executive like in France. All gender inequality laws must be made defunct immediately. All other laws must have provision to make the authorities act on their own without any court fees and legal expenses that make the advocates fat.

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