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And please….when I say equal hours of work….it means understanding that physical work and mental work are NOT same…it does NOT mean 8 hours of office work needs to be equated with 8 hours of physical work at home…..lets understand that household physical labor is more tiring, monotonous and laborious than sitting in an air-conditioned office job……

For housewives and working husbands—-8 hours of office job is equal to fewer hours of work at home(coz physical work is more tiring)…….and like men, women need breaks and holidays etc……and few hours absolutely free for themselves…when they are not catering to family members demands.

For women who work outside…….their husbands should not deposit their backs on couches, while wives are busy cooking dinners..!!

And when you marry, you share your wealth equally…thats the basic thing….if you don’t like to share YOUR money with some-one who is earning less than you…..simply DON’T marry a woman who is making less!!…(but dont expect one sided slavery….. !)…..and if you are soooooo proud of making bigger bucks than her, that ypu are able to provide more than her-trust me you’ll face the music soon!…..Aap zaada kamaate hain …..isliye equality nahi chaahiye..ghar ka kaam nahi karnaa…..usko baraabar nahi samajhnaa under pretext of male ego/customs etc….to theek hai- fir paise bharo for the times you have lived with her…she will take her share atleast while going-if she couldnt take it while she was living with you!