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Dr. D’Souza, every post by you in this thread is very well said.

Every comment of Human being and Rekha displays what the women are these days. They are ARGUMENTATIVE and JUDGEMENTAL. That’s all. What they say is RIGHT, no matter what they say. Marriages are falling apart because Indian women wants to live like western women, but she does not want to fulfill her duties liek western women. Western women are very smart and active they cook, they clean, they take care of their kids, they respect their husband, on top of it they work too. Husband does the same. But in our society women is abla naari dukhiaari who brings dukh to everybody. I think it should be fixed now. In schools we need introduce one more subject and that is “Anger management” Women are behaving like this only out of anger and then to maintain that anger they behave foolishly.