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marriage is for companionship and to have family. instead of saying responsibility towards husband/wife it is should be responsibility towards family then there will be no such issue. . eg. she cooks and you take up studies of your childrens/get groceries. if wife earns the income of her will be used for family expenses. your wife or you will not take family property with you when you die. if you give respect and love the same you will get in return. when you love you give everything and when you hate you take everything or just stop giving????? when there is marital discord and it is impossible for partners to stay together, cannot make compromises and change themselves atleast for the sake of childrens then it is better to part with due respect. due respect can also mean giving her financial assistance to sustain her life (if she is not been working)& childs life. I cannot judge what circumstances made her run(leave your house) but it would have been avoided if you had talked with her and resolved her grieviances. life is very small.. and we have one life to live.