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Seema, Stridhan is gift etc which gives by parents to newly married girl, ya so u have full rights on it and u must get it if u r apparted from your husband either he is good and you are bad in dealings with him or he is bad and you are good in martial dealings yet u have to apparted in any case stridhan is yours right to get and we as victims of bad wives are here then only in this forum we are helping you insipte we dont know that u are the lady who is vicitim or your husband is your victim, but one thing understand from us. we believe in equality of law and love and affection and parentail rights on totally equal basis and it should not be bais on any one side as just now laws are in faavour of womens of india and so we husbands who are innocent has made this forum to talk among ourselves to support eachother from bad wives, we dont know u are good wife of your husband or a bad wife of your husband i.e u are a victim in real sense or your husband is a victim in real sense, then also u have wrote here so we are replying u but we request this forum is not meant for any females who are victimising their own husbands for no reason or for money, or for wrongly doing 498a, nobody in this world are good and nobody in this world are bad it is a mixture of both in every human beings. all males are not good like wise all females are not good and so every human beings either male or female has something bad and something good and marriage is not only sharing alone. marriage means sharing love, affection for family of both sides, respect for eachother and eachothers family and kids and to take responsibility also by both for themselves and for family, these days womens are also working so it is not like that males are only meant for work outside and womens are meant for kitchen work and vice versa, but it is mens can also do household work at the time they are free and they must be ready to help their wives like wise when family and husband is in need for more money and thru legtimate and fair way of working womens andwives also needs to work and earn money for the betterment of both sides of family and their childern is called marriage. it is a way of understanding by both sides then that marriage is a fruitfull marriage, marriage only goes on the verg of divorce when either side i.e male or female i.e husband or wife doesnt go for compromising the situation and wants to appart from their counterpart for either a good problematic reason or for no reason in both cases both has to face much as money will not go to childs development or their own family development but these lawyers and judges and police and commission agents and enemies all will earn money from both sides and the name of both sides goes in vein and defamation of both the parties is irreparable, so my view for you is without knowing your case i am saying you that if u are 100% or 80% or 50% correct in your case of having problems with your husband and if your husband is might be 100% or 80% or 50% correct in his complains or your compalins then also as per my view you must seat down somewhere with some of your elders and if any perosnal talk is there then at some safe place you must meet your husband and try to find out a solution on each issue based way to have your marriage life good again to start with but if either you are not ready or your husband is not ready or you might have already apparted then you need to finailise your case as soon as posible as if u will keep it for longer duration then your life will spoil and his also without any solution.

ya if husband is poor in finanicla terms then it is law is there where he is entitiled to get maintenance from a wife who earns. so either he has to pay if he is strong in financial terms to you and if you are strong then u have to pay if he is poor that is law but in both cases you and him has to face much problems if u go in court and fight for the cases for longer duration with money,time,health,fame all will be usedoff by theise courts of both and result ultimately is compromise, so better you do compromise with your husband either enjoying life with him and settleing all problems there and there or else compromise while apparting yourself from him and manage to give and take what you get as per your rights but which is possible for him to give and which is possible to accept by you. stridhan is your no doubt about it if he is not giving then u can go to police to get it or can do case for that, but if he is poor then he may also ask for maintenance from you if he can prove that u are working then u must be ready for that also.