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On 5th I had visited FC, Akola. I inform the Counselor regarding the unnecessary demands of my Ex. Also inform that the FIL & Ex want me to sign bond and have raised more demands which I cant fulfill. The counselor told me to forgive all and take her, which i clearly rejected. Then she asked me to inform the Judge that I’m not taking her along with me.

Same I did, but the judge fired on me stating that your wife does not have demands in front of Court, so let us know your decision about taking her back. I tried to convince them regarding the order demands as well but Judge didn’t listen me at all. And asked me to give in writing that I’m not will to take her back in-spite her willingness to join me. Then I asked her for the date so as to file the same. Judge immediately gave the date after 4 days.

I requested them to extend the same but didnt listen.

Also in RCR my ex has failed to attain 2 dates. And has filed the Affidavit.

Today I had send my SAY via my Friend which was not accepted by Court and again gave the date after 5 days i.e. 15th Oct.

Now as I’m Heart Patient and I have to travel apprx 500-550 Kms from Pune to Akola its not feasible to attain the dates which are so closed. also the Lawyer I gave is from Pune.

How to deal with these situation???