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Cool guitarist :

I pity you completely. I pity your mom.

However there are some practical issues / decisions that have to be taken

1. What do you want to do ? Live with this wife and be her henpecked hubby and daily to run after police or father in law ? or no ?

– YES / NO

2. IF not, do you have the guts to fight or do you want “easy” solutions

– ready to fight / easy solutions ?

3. IF you want “easy” solutions … I am sorry I have NONE

– up to this point please write clear answers and short answers please .

We do NOT want large kahanis up to this point… just brief statements and clarity

4. If you are ready to fight, and ONLY if you are ready to fight , let us start from the beginning

IF you are ready to fight

4.1. This is complete injustice. Utter nonsense.

4.2. Almost all men and families try ALL sort of mediation / falling at the wife’s feet etc etc and ONLY when shit really hits the ceiling they look for help boards like this … so we can imagine where are comming from

4.3. IF you are ready to fight , please know / understand there are at least 2.. 3 lakh men AT PRESENT fighting the same shit / in the same shit as you are . With families and all this will be at least 10 lakhs people IN SHIT now. If you take the last 15 year history the number is FAR more ….. so you are NOT alone

4.4. WHY this nonsense now ? : Because 100s of 1000s of men did NOT fight IN THE PAST the things have got to this point (****I am talking of 25 ..30 years ago… men did NOT fight****)

4.5. ***Things are improving a lot **** still we have to fight back ..

4.6. IF you are ready to fight , You have come to one of the BEST self help sites run by Dr. D Souza …there is sea of knowledge developed over the last 15 or so years by Dr. D souza and other victims here and we are ready to share this experience / knowledge with you for FREE even though we do NOT know you or have NOT seen your face

4.7. We do NOT trust lawyers much. That is my experience. That is the general experience…. We have nothing against a particular individual…but we have found self help to be much much more effective and crisp. We use lawyers only when needed and treat them professionally

4.8. IF you are ready to fight, start with the basics :

– what is the complaint at the Women’s cell ?

– do you have a copy of the complaint ? IF not ask the women cell for the same … IF they do NOT give come back here

– IF you have a copy of the complaint mention the key points here / key complaints

– is there any other case other than the women’s cell case ? divorce case ? DV case etc etc

– which city / state is this going on ??

– Is your wife educated ?

– is your wife employed ?

– is she claiming maintenance ?

….. other important points