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ok i got to know who that woman was who called, she was a friend of mine trying to resolve the issue at her end. so no harm done.

also i had the date in the women cell today and my father in law and wife behaved like psychos. when i showed a video to the IO in which they had screamed that i sleep with my mom, my father in faw said that he will prove it and my wife said that this is the reason why my mom is not letting me shift with her in a separate flat. lolz, i obviously said why do they want me to live with her if this is true, anyhow a lot of screaming etc happened from their side.

now I have to give to the IO in writing about what problems i had in the marriage, and my mateernal uncle needs to give how he tried to mediate to save this marriage.

any suggestions as to wahat should be written etc will be highly appreciated.