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Dear Yogesh from Aurnagabad

I have read your sad story ;

But let me get the following right / clear . Please give very clear / point by point replies

1. do you want to live with this girl ? YES / no

1.1. Reply : _______________

1.1.1. IF YES, do NOT write in this forum / that forum etc ….. go get hold of some society / village elders and go to that female’s house and talk to her and her parents

1.1.2. IF all agree get her home … forget all these mail , have some children and live happily ever after


2. IF you do NOT want to live with this woman, you have to prove the following

2.1. This female herself is NOT willing to live with you … meaning YOU are NOT the erring party and that she is trying to go away because of reasons best known to her

2.1.1. How do you do that ?

2.1.2. At the NEXT hearing tell the judge that you are willing to live with her and call her back, BUT she is going away giving all false reasons and excuses …..

2.1.3. You have to make the judge understand that *you are not* the erring party , *you are not* at fault

2.1.4. IF you cannot directly speak to the judge, At the NEXT hearing / argument date tell your lawyer to tell the judge the same and be next to the lawyer to see he says the same

2.1.4. It is the primary responsibility OF THE COURTS to help in reconciliation between couple and help in the furtherance of marriage

2.1.5. As long as the case (divorce case / DV case / RCR case) is NOT over and as long as the judge is willing to hear you can keep on repeating the fact that you are calling her back and she is NOT comming back

3. Criminal case

you say >>>>station to launch complaint of 498 against me and my family for this we tooked anticipatory bail from court. <<<<

3.1. Now chill out … the ball is in their court !! they have to run around

3.2. in a 498a case, once you have bail and you have a lawyer and you continue following up, you are on the strong(er) side


Read the law …read the law … read the law…

Dr. D zouza has done an excellent job of adding a lot of legal resources and also case laws

read ….read ….read….. keep improving your knowledge of law