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Dr. Dsouza Sir

Sir I have clearly mentioned that, she left matrimonial house on 14th November 2010, and I have filed petition on her for cancellation of marriage (this petition as i have told the reason in my query as she was minor at the time of marriage) on 18 November 2010. But she filed case on me in Women’s Cell, where the problem was not solved and she got letter in the name of Police Station to file the FIR of 498a, but we got the AB before she could file 498a, and also she didn’t filed any complaint. But in court she is saying that she wanna come back, but i don’t wanna be with her anymore now, as I can’t trust her (as in my query i have told you that she was caught in college campus in involving in adultery n was trying to run away with two guys). Judge said us to settle down this matter outside court, but she told judge that he is not giving me money so can’t settle out of court. I told judge that I didn’t said anything like this neither to her nor any of her relatives. The petition filed by me is against her age that she was minor and I can’t accept this marriage. Already my as well her and her mother has been cross examined. Now the status is that, i have submitted her school record documents (her 10th school leaving certificate, her 12th school leaving certificate, her 10th and 12 marksheets, her 10th and 12th passing certificates, and 1st school she attended registration no certificate on which her dob appears) Her all school record DOB is 11-3-1993, and at the time of marriage she and her parents told us her DOB as 11-3-1991. So according to 11-3-1991 she was not minor for the marriage as she already crossed 18years of her age but at the time of engineering addmission we got to know her real DOB as 11-3-1993 on her documents i have mentioned these details in my query. So according to her school records DOB at the time of marriage she was minor, we got married on 25-4-2010. Now that we three have been already cross examined, and she had given application for two more evidences of Doctor, who gaved her birth certificate on 24-12-2010 and gram sevak who gaved her birth certificate on 12-12-2010. But how can doctor give her birth certificate as her mother delivered her in civil hospital of the village and at that time doctor was different not whose certificate she got on 24-12-2010. She had gathered all false documents of birth proof. She had gathered both documents after i filed petition in court for cancellation of marriage. Now i want to know which DOB of her will court take as legal school records or documents which she gathered which are false.