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i have already told my parents about this and they are ready to help me financialy to take new 1bhk flat. but he is also saying that we dont have enough money to buy 2 bhk flat and my wife is insisting me to buy 2 bhk flat only.

but if i decide to give father his share then i will have to give him as per today’s market rate or what amount he had given to me initially that only i have to return. means at the time of buying, that flat cost is 25 lacs and father gave me 13 lacs and i took 12 lacs as a loan. now if i want to return them his share then i will have to pay only 13 lacs or whatever today’s market rate.

i have many other issues with my wife but currently this topic is going very hot. she is not ready to accept that new 1 bhk flat. she is firm on her decision that either she will go to that home with no one else is there or buy a new 2bhk flat for her.