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I have filled a divorce case 605/2018 on 30th March 2018 in the family court, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

After receiving the notice from family court my wife did not reply to the notice and filled a false FIR case no 19/2018 on 19th May 2018 from Mahila Thana, Samastipur, Bihar.


1) On 22nd Dec 2017, I went to Dehradun police Mantralaya office from my office work and I returned on 25th Dec 2017, I had informed my wife earlier, about my official trip.

2) On 24th Dec 2017, my wife and his father along with (younger brother) stole all my original educational certificates
( 10th, 12th, B.Tech marksheet), Official confidential data, agreement and bond papers, My bank account cheque book, ICICI, PNB, IDFC ATM card, Standard chartered ATM/ credit card, Passport, Aadhar card, Pan card, driving license, vehicle registration card and Portable hard disk having my confidential data and went to samastipur Bihar.

3) On 2nd Feb 2018, when I realized my documents were missing from my office table at my home, I called my wife, his younger brother and father, and my father in law accepted on call that by mistake these documents have come along with them. When I told them to send these documents urgently as I needed for my joining date, his brother confirmed me on 2nd Feb 2018, at 12:49 am he will courier the documents next day itself.

On 5th Feb 2018, at 2: 37 pm he confirms me by sms “ Namaste Mehman ji Aapka Documents Courier Ho Gaya Hai”.

Even after 7 days I did not receive any documents, when I crossed checked with his brother he denied.

*Voice recording can be produced if required.

4) On 23rd February, 2018, her uncle DSP , along with her wife, mother in law, father in law, my wife younger brother along with my wifr reached my home and when I asked for my documents they denied, hence I did not open the door. He started abusing me and started shouting to gather the public in the building and nearby areas. When the situation got worst I dialed 100 to call local police for my protection and filled FIR against stealing my documents with passport, Aadhar card and other educational certificates, but my case was not registered in the Indirapuram thana.
1. FIR application attached for reference.
2. Voice Recording of Police man which was fully drunk in Indirapuram thana.

After that her uncle DSP , influenced thana inspector and 5 policemen beaten me badly until blood came out from my mouth. They took my signature and put me inside the Hazat at 1:00 am and brought me out at 4:00 am.

5) From 23rd Feb 2018 all these family members were staying in a single room in my Vasundhara rented flat. On daily basis they used to create some nuisance along with the neighbors to torture me and harass me mentally.

6) On 20th March 2018, my wife started coming to my office along with my building neighbor’s from 23rd February to 27th March, 2018, to take my job and insult me. She used to shout in my premise and gather office people to influence them against me.

*Annexure: CCTV footage of my office premise where my wife and neighbors are creating nuisance.

7) On 27th March, 2018, when I asked my wife to return my documents she denied. Then I decided to leave my house for a PG along with 4 set of clothes only. I shifted to Mahi PG, in Indrapuram, Ghaziabad.

8) On 30th March 2018, I filled a divorce case in family court, Ghaziabad. My wife received first notice on 3rd April, 2018 in Vasundhara, Ghaziabad flat. After this she went to Mahila kalyan seva Ghaziabad. They called both the parties and heard their grievances and suggested to reply Divorce case notice first. They denied to register any false FIR against me regarding Dowry case 498 A. They suggested both the family for counselling in the family court and not to register any case against husband.

9) 10th April, 2018, all family members DSP, her wife, Mother in law, father in law, ( younger brother) and my wife left for Samastipur from my Vasundhara flat and seized the house keys along with my belongings. Still they are keeping the house keys with them along with my belongings.

10) On 19th May, 2018, she filled false FIR case in Mahila Thana Samastipur, with influence of DSP, without sharing any information of divorce case filled by me on 30th March 2018.

11) On 25th July 2018, Gayashankar (IO) along with Noida police went to my Noida office and met to my director and tried to influence and took my job.

*Annexure: CCTV footage of IO Gaya Shankar where he is influencing my Director to take my job. One voice recording where Gaya Babu he is asking for money from me to write case diary in my favor.

12) On 4th August, 2018, I was in Samastipur court for my parent’s bail hearing, when I came out my father in law came with the police and got me arrested. They even beaten up very badly and bruised my face and locked me for one day in Hazat. They even did not give any food or water. On Sunday, police sent me to the jail. They did not even allow me to inform my family and seized my mobile phone. I went to the jail In order to save my parents life as my mother already lost her left kidney and she was on bed rest. Police inspector, Bijender Ram-Gaya Babu ( 8674862947) from Mahila Thana was torturing my parents and started making threat calls and demanding money.
1. Photographs of my bruised face where blood is coming out, when police beaten me.
2. Medical Report of mother’s lost left kidney
3. Voce recording of Gaya Babu (8674862947)

13) Inside jail, they even forced me to sign on the compromise letter, 1000 Rupees bond paper, application to take divorce back and influenced other inside the jail by his advocate and family members along with my advocate Mr. Vinod Maharaj to torture me.
*Annexure: 1. Copy of Compromise letter.
2. Copy of 1000 Rupees Bond paper.
3. Copy of application to take my divorce back.

14) When I was produced in front of the judge before 26th Sep 2018. I told judge I wanted to keep my wife earlier once counseling was done in Ghaziabad but since her nature of conduct is not good and she filled a false FIR case to ruined my life and career. hence I can’t live together and I will never keep my wife until my death but, I am willing to give maintenance. I have an earnest request to you, please don’t force me to keep my wife and give me a better solution to start my new life or you may reject my bail.

15) Before 26th September 2018, first compromise letter filling was rejected by the judge.
Later, by this time, they even tried to influence my Lawyer Mr Vinod Maharaj and bribed him to file same compromise letter again. Where my wife paid an amount of 6000/- to my lawyer and he became her party.

Even after knowing the terms & condition mentioned in the compromise letter my lawyer intentionally filled this letter in the court without my consent forcibly.

On 26th September 2018, I had an argument regarding this with my lawyer while I came to sign from jail in court. On the same date in the evening, without my witness in the court, my bail was granted.

16) Unfortunately, I could not stop this as they did not present me before the judge for witness. On 26th Sep, 2018, Judge allowed me bail on the basis of second compromise letter without my witness in court, on the basis of only two points judge granted me bail.
1. Husband will keep wife with dignity.
2. Only husband’s relative will be the bailer.

17) I even managed to remove my lawyer and gave power to another lawyer. I even did not sign my bail bond from 26th Sep to 6th Nov’18 (40 days) inside the jail. As I wanted to meet the judge and share how I was forced to sign compromise letter, 1000 Rupees bond paper, application to take my divorce back inside the jail and my lawyer cheated me.

18) There should be strict action taken against my previous lawyer Mr. Vinod Maharaj for taking bribe and forcibly taking my signatures on blank papers and other documents.

It is, therefore, prayed that Strict action should be taken against all the mala-fied cases, which my father in law initiated against me as it is deemed as Criminal/Civil defamation under the section of Indian Panel Code. All such false proceeding initiated by him shall be defended by me at the sole risks and consequences of her family. Hence, I am seeking an appropriate legal action to be initiated against her family for such mala-fied acts.