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      As per procedure of Domestic violence act 2005 section 12 (ii) “Affidavit of the applicant in the prescribed Form to be filed in support of application either for exparte order or for interim orders”

      thus can our experts throw some light on

      1) what is mean by “affidavit” here?

      2) what is format of this affidavit as prescribed by the law?

      3) Can this affidavit (what i understand as the document submitted before court) be sufficient enough to claim for maintenance under section 23 of DV act?

      Reply awaited at the earliest,



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      Filling FIR with Police under DVA is different. if you are filling complaint 1st then you have to file separate Affidavit in court with your prayers.

      thats what i understand.

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      That’s not the only way. Ex- Parte order must be passed if there is a Prima Facie evidence to substantiate violence. Moreover, Other party should also be given equal opportunity to be heard.

      Importantly, giving false affidavit and fake documents in support does not make ex parte order enforceable.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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