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      This is on behalf of my friend who is a christian guy and recently had arranged marriage in his community but this girl and her parents are money minded people and they started to use different tactics to get money from my friend as he is financially sound,now my friend is mad about all these and finally decided to disslove the marriage but the girl is not ready and purposely giving treat to harrass my friend My friend needs only divorce. they are seperated since last 8 months, they have no kids and the girl is working with central govt. Somebody suggest to file declaration suit.

      My question is declaration under which section? and is it appropriate for my friend since that girl is not ready for consent divorce. Can we pass a divorce order after getting declaration?

      Thank you all.

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      What type of declaration you are talking about ?

      if he is catholic he has to get divorce from ecclesial court, unless he get divorce from ecclesial church court he cannt marry again in Church nor most of the girls families will not agree to give their daughter again. as he already has arranged marriage means his family is traditional one, and church will not recognise his 2nd marriage unless its nullified in ecclesial chrch court. almost same proceedures are followed in other Christian denominations too.

      to file in Divorce in court also he has to wait for a year, he can show the court that she deserted him without valid reasons, but file for divorce before she file any criminal cases on him.

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