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      Respected Sir ,

      1) My marriage happened in 19/3/2000 in Bhilai, dist-durg, chattisgarh

      2) My wife left my house Bhilai in 2001 , she went her parents house Vishakhapatnam.

      3) In year 2001 i applied for diverse case in family court Durg .

      4) Sir, i am a steel plant employee.

      5) My wife put sec 125 maintence case in family court Visakhapatnam, in year 2001, she got maintence Rs 450 from 2002 onwards she continusly applied for enhancement of maintence in 2003 and 2004 and 2005 .

      6) In family court durg i got exparty decree in 30.10. 2004 and after 8 month i married second wife sarada.

      7) During 2005 when i went to attend maintence case she put me a false dowry case 498 and police arrested me when i showed the diverse decree they quit me.

      Here in durg family court she applied to re open diverse case and my diverse decree was set a side in 2006.

      9) Immeditly in 2006 she applied in section 9 case in family court Visakhapatnam ,

      During this time settlement talks was going on and i was not attend the section9 case hence section 9 is exparty in her favour.

      When section 9 was her faveor she applied the execution petition and then i joined the court and given all documentary proof then her execution order was dismissed on the marrits i.e. surprssing the fact she obtainted sec.9 decree.

      10) In durg court divserce case was going on she shows section9 order copy in year 2008 then my lawer advised me you take back your diverse other wise your diverse casewill be

      Dismissed hence i not pressed my diverse case.

      11)In 2008 and 2009 i went in Visakhapatnam family court for sec.125 and in December 2010 court ordered Rs 3000 maintence .

      11) In December 2010 she put D.V.case in all my family members my self, my father and mother and my two married sisters and my second wife.

      12) We went hyd.high court , court for quash the d.v.but court ordered that no stay only appearance .

      13) At present d.v. case is in enquiry stage .

      14) She made a false statments of neibouers that i am sending two persons to kill her parents. for making a strong case she made drama, pls help me.

      Can i again apply for diverse ?

      Last 10 years she is not with me how d.v.act forec ed to me?

      She was worked in E-seva from 2002 to 2008 but i donot have documentary proof, i applied in r.t.i.

      She got maintenance under125 crpc and she availed railway pass in year 2007.

      I have documentary proof from railway where her father add her name as a diverssee girl in 2007.

      14) Sir, if execution pititition order is dismissed so the section9 is waived or it is in force?

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      on what basis she asked to reopen her Divorce decree.

      in DV why dont you show about your False 498A dismissed. In DV only you can show the judge that she filled DV just to harass you as she left you 10 year back and so far she did not complained about it.

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      Respected Sir,

      she got reopened divorce decree on the basis of she claimed that the door of her house is different, her actual door no.is 45-34-02 and in decree order it was written 45-35-02 so she told in court she not got any summens from court.

      actually sir during this reopening time her parents are coming for one time settelment hence my family members and myself think that they will take money so we think that out of court settlment talks going on so i not

      take care in my case.

      sir, in d.v.case when i applied rti to protection officer then i knew that she made a drama that i am sending two

      persons to kil her parents and brother and the two persons went her house in 14th dec-2010 then they told if she will not give diverse and not taken all cases they wil kill her parents. three neibours given false statments to counseling protection officer and they complaint to 4th town police station, i am working in bhilai in 14th dec2010 iam in duty.

      how i can proof this drama is made for putting false case, sir what i can do, i told my lawer but i donot know what

      will happen. please help me sir.

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      in Divorce summons are served or not ?

      whatever door number is written if she signed on summons then you can counter her claim.

      most of the time girls family take and sign odd signature later claim they never received any. same details you can get from post office.

      What is the link between RTI in DV and 2 persons. you can ask Police to identify same 2 persons, and prove you sent them. its simple question your lawyer should know.

      Girl side always claim that with crocodile tears, but they have to prove it.

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