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      My wife & I are both Hindu and got married 2 years back but we are staying separate for more than a year now and there is no kid.

      We both were staying in Bangalore but my wife filed DV, CrPC 125 & Divorce (HMA 12/13) in Bhopal, her hometown. All cases are in initial stages and mediation had failed in Jan 2023. My lawyer haven’t filed the reply yet.
      But now she is ready for a mutual divorce. She has recently moved to Europe (not NRI yet) and I am in Bangalore. Now she has come back to Bhopal for 2 weeks and asking me to come to Bhopal to do the mutual divorce.

      1. I need help to get mutual divorce draft reviewed.
      2. My lawyer has been delaying the reply filing for last 3 months (Bhopal court was close for a month because of Lawyers strike). Should I file the reply and then go for mutual, just to show that all her allegations are false.
      3. In the draft, there is clause that my wife will withdraw all the cases. Do I need to be careful about anything else?

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