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Cucumber Mandas

Ingredients :

1 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder
4 Nos Coconuts – fresh.
1 Kilogram Cucumber – Large Variety
800 Grammes Jaggery
1 Little Nutmeg
1 Kilogram Boiled Rice
1 Kilogram Rice, Raw (Surai)

Scrape the coconuts and grind, and extract 2 cups of thick juice. See Coconut Juice. Remove the rind, the seeds and the pith of the cucumbers and cut them into slices Wash the rice and soak it for one hour, and grind it with the cucumbers, the jaggery. and salt to taste in the coconut juice. Add the cardamom powder and a little ghee to this mixture.

Lightly warm some plantain leaves, and spread them on the center plate of the Thondor, and its sides, after filling the lower part with water. Heat the water in the Thondor and when sufficiently hot, apply the surface of the leaves with ghee, and pour the batter into the Thondor, and coat the top with ghee. Wrap the projecting leaves, over the batter, and tie them and then close the lid, and steam the batter. You may put live coals on the top by placing the lid upside down.

You may bake the same in an open oven instead of steaming. Plums and blanched almonds can be added to the batter.

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