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Monika vs Bhagwandas Bansilal Bhatt & on 21 December, 2017

R/SCR.A/9002/2017 ORDER




MR DIPAK H SINDHI, ADVOCATE for the Applicant(s) No. 1
MS MOXA THAKKAR, APP for the Respondent(s) No. 2


Date : 21/12/2017


1 By this writ application under Article 226 of the Constitution of 
India, the writ applicant has prayed for the following reliefs:

“7[A]   Your   Lordships   may   be   pleased   to   admit   and   allow   the   present  

[B] Your Lordships may be pleased to issue appropriate writ, order or  
direction,   expediting   the   proceedings   of   the   Criminal   Misc.   Application  
NO.756   of   2010   pending   before   Ld.   5th  J.M.F.C.,   Gandhingar   at  
Gandhinagar   wherein   the   petitioner   a   100%   blind   female   daughter   is  
seeking   maintenance   u/s.   125   of   CRPC   for   survival   from   her   40%  
handicap father who is doing business of rubber moulding in the name   
style ‘Asha Rubber Work’ at Chandkheda and earning about Rs.50,000/­  
per month which can be easily established from his account maintained  
with Canara Bank, Sabarmati Branch, as the matter is pending since more  

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R/SCR.A/9002/2017 ORDER

than 7 years, and the petitioner is starving without maintenance and she  
has been indebted as she had to attend the court at Gandhinagar for 99  
times,   and   now   the   matter   will   be   listed   for   100 th  time   kept   on  
07/01/2018,  and be pleased  to pass order to decide and dispose of the  
same within a time bound period;

[c] Your   Lordships   may   be   pleased   to   grant   such   other   and   further  
relief, as are deemed just, fit and proper and necessary.”

2 On 4th December 2017, this Court passed the following reliefs:

“1. By this writ application under Article 226 of the Constitution of India,  
the writ applicant has prayed for the following reliefs;

“(A) Your Lordship may be pleased to admit and allow the present  

(B) Your Lordship may be pleased to issue appropriate writ, order  
or   direction,   expediting   the   proceedings   of   the   Criminal   Misc.  
Application   No.756   of   2010   pending   before   Ld.   5th  J.M.F.C.,  
Gandhinagar at Gandhinagar wherein the petitioner a 100% blind  
female   daughter   is   seeking   maintenance   u/s.   125   of   CRPC   for  
survival from her 40%  handicap  father  who is doing  business  of  
rubber   molding   in   the   name     style   Asha   Rubber   Work   at  
Chandkheda and earning about Rs. 50,000/­ per month which can  
be   easily   established   from   his   account   maintained   with   Canara  
Bank, Sabarmati Branch, as the matter is pending since more than  
7 years, and the petitioner is starving without maintenance and she  
has taken indebted as she had to attend the court at Gandhinagar  
for 99 times, and now the matter will be listed for 100th time kept  
on 07.01.2018, and be pleased to pass order to decide and dispose  
of the same within a time bound period.

(C ) Your Lordship may be pleased to grant such other and further  
relief, as are deemed just, fit, proper and necessary.”

2. The   writ   applicant   is   100%   blind.   The   father   of   the   writ   applicant   is  
handicapped   by   40%.   It   appears   that   she   has   initiated   proceedings   for  
maintenance   by   filing   the   Criminal   Misc.   Application   No.756   of   2010  
pending before the 5th Judicial Magistrate, First Class, Gandhinagar. 

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R/SCR.A/9002/2017 ORDER

3. I fail to understand why these proceedings are pending without any orders  
past seven years.

4. The Registry is directed to call for the report of the 5th Judicial Magistrate,  
First   Class,   Gandhinagar   as   regards   the   status   of   the   Criminal   Misc.  
Application No.756 of 2010 so as to reach this Court within a period of  
one week from today.

5. Post the matter on 15.12.2017.”

3 Pursuant   to   the   order   passed   by   this   Court,   the   5th  Judicial 
Magistrate First Class, Gandhinagar has forwarded his report as regards 
the   status   of   the   Criminal   Miscellaneous   Application   No.756   of   2010 
filed by the applicant herein for maintenance under Section 125 of the 
Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. The report of the Court concerned is 
here before this Court, which reads as under:

“Outward No.442 Date: 12.12.2017

Parekh Ranjit B.,
6th Additional Civil Judge 
Judicial Magistrate First Class,
Gandhinagar District Court,

The Hon’ble Registrar General,
High Court of Gujarat,
Sola, Ahmedabad.

Though:   (1)   The   Hon’ble   Principal   District   Judge,   District   Court,  

Through   :   (2)   The   Hon’ble   Principal   Senior   Civil   Judge,   Gandhinagar  
District Court.

Subject: Status Report of Criminal Misc. Application 756/2010.

Reference   :   Special   Criminal   Application   (Direction)   NO.9002   of   2017  

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R/SCR.A/9002/2017 ORDER


Respected Sir,

With reference to the captioned subject  reference, I humbly and  
most respectfully submit before Your Lordship that,

1 Criminal   Misc.   Application   NO.756/2010   is   transferred   to   me  
along with another Cr.M.A. No.701/2015 and Cr.M.A. 11/2015 which is  
connected   matters,   as   on   dtd.   31.07.2017   by   officer   order   of   Principal  
District Court wide No.CRI/TRANS/68/2017. I have received physical file  
as   on   dtd.02.08.2017   from   Hon’ble   Chief   Judicial   Magistrate,  
Gandhinagar. In which, Hon’ble Chief Judicial Magistrate, Gandhinagar  
has put down his serious note in roznama about serious allegation against  
Chief   Judicial   Magistrate,   Gandhinagar   by  brother   of   applicant   Monila  
Bhati. At this juncture, Your Kindness may request to note that both the  
parties   of   Criminal   Misc.   Application   no.756/2010,   has   drawn   closing  
pursis   as   on   dtd.21.07.2017   wide   exhibit   no.143     144   respectively.  
Thereafter, Hon’ble Chief Judicial magistrate has fixed short time for final  
hearing.   mate   is   fixed   as   on   24.07.2017     26.07.2017).   As   on  
dtd.24.07.2017,  Applicant failed to remain present before  Hon’ble  Chief  
Judicial   Magistrate,   Gandhinagar   and   C.J.M   has   conducted   this   trial  
expeditiously   according   to   law   and   proceeded   with   the   matter   but   her  
brother   Shri   Mahesh   bhagwandas   bhati   has   leveled   serious   allegation  
against   Hon’ble   Chief   Judicial   Magistrate,   Gandhinagar,   therefore   this  
matter is  transferred to me (In the 5th Addition Civil Court) by Hon’ble  
Principal District Judge. 

2. At   the   moment,   I   have   received   this   criminal   Misc.   Application  
No.756/2010,   and   on   the   same   day   put   on   board   for   hearing   of   the  
parties   but   neither   applicant   nor   her   Advocate   Smt.   Hetal   K.   Barot  
remained  present  for hearing  of this case.  Therefore,  I have  told  to the  
advocates of Gandhinagar Bar association appearing before this court on  
dtd.02.08.2017, to keep applicant’s Advocate H.K. Barot present as on the  
first day of hearing. One of the Advocate of Gandhinagar Bar Association,  
named Shri V.P. Baxi has given phone call to Smt. H.K. Barot to conduct  
the case but she has told that she was unable to remain present for some  
personal reason and  she has not produced  any report for adjournment.  
Therefore,   matter   was   fixed   for   final   argument   for   this   Criminal   Misc.  
Application as on dtd.30.10.2017

3. Thereafter, due to illness of my one year old Daughter, I was on Casual  
Leave and could not attend court on dtd.30.10.2017 and matter was fixed  
as on dtd. 16.11.2017 by board clerk. 

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R/SCR.A/9002/2017 ORDER

4.   As   on   dtd.16.11.2017,   Applicant   Kumari   Monika   Bhati   remained  
present   along   with   her   mother   but   her   advocate   Smt.   Hetal   Barot  
remained absent for argument of this Matter and her Junior Advocate told  
to court that  Smt. H.K. Barot, Advocate of applicant is not able to remain  
present  today   and  seeking   date   for  final  hearing  of  this  criminal  Misc.  
Application.   I   told   to   Junior   Advocate   for   production   of   Adjournment  
application   but   she   has   not   given   any   application   and   left   this   court  
without any report. Therefore, matter is fixed for hearing of both parties  
as on dtd.05.01.2018  and  conduct  of the applicant’s  advocate  was also  
noted  down  in roznama  about  her  absence  and  non  production  of any  

5. Before that period of time mentioned in above para no.4, This Criminal  
Misc.   Application   no.756/2010   was   transferred   to   me   as   on  
dtd.17.10.2015   by   office   order   of   Hon’ble   District   Court   and   I   was  
conducting trial in accordance with law. At that time, applicant has filed  
an   application   before   Hon’ble   Principal   District   Judge,   Gandhinagar   to  
transfer this matter levelling serious allegation against me and matter got  
transferred to Hon’ble 4th Additional Senior Civil Judge, Gandhinagar wide  
No.16/16 of Sessions Court dtd. 03.03.2016. 

6 As   per   the   record   of   this   Cr.M.A.   756/2010,   applicant   and   her  
brother   Shri   Mahesh   Bhagwandas   Bhati   is   going   to   file   transfer  
application,   repeatedly   before   District   Court     by   levelling   allegations  
against the Judicial Officers which are as follows:

Transfer from Court Transfer to Court  Date of transfer
K.G. Rana, CJM R.B. Parekh, 6th ACJ 17.10.2015
R.B. Parekh, 6th ACJ S.K. Vays, 4th ACJM ‘03.03.2015
S.K. Vyas, 4th ACJM K.G. Rana, CJM 30.04.2016
D.C. Trivedi, CJM R.B. Parekh, 5th ACJ ‘02.08.2017

7 As   per   the   record   of   this   Cr.M.A.   No.756/2010,   applicant   has  
appointed / changed following advocate either from DLSA or private. 

Name of advocate Date of filing application
1. M.S. Desai At the time of filing  

2. Application for legal aid and B.C. Bhavsar,   ‘07.01.2012
DLSA, Gandhinagar

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R/SCR.A/9002/2017 ORDER

3. Viral Patel and V.M. Vagheal, Adv ‘05.05.2012

4. Satish D. Bharwad, Adv ‘03.11.2012

5. B.N. Bhagora, DLSA, GNDR ‘03.03.2014

6. Application to change B.N. Bhagora, Adv.   ‘22.06.2015

7. Yogesh H. Soni, Advocate ‘04.07.2015

8.G. Prajapati, Advocate ‘25.11.2016
9H.K. Barot  A.N. Patel, Adv ‘17.06.2017

8 Hon’ble   High   Court   of   Gujarat   in   Special   Criminal   Application  
(Quashing)  No.3226/2014  has pleased  to confirm  the order of revision  
court   allowing   maintenance   of   father   of   present   applicant   against   her  
brother   Mahesh   Bhagwandas   Bhati,   which   amount   to   Rs.2000/­   per  
month as on dtd. 19.12.2014  but applicant  has wrongly submitted  the  
fact   that   her   father   is   earning   Rs.50,000/­   per   month   in   her   present  
application before Hon’ble High Court. (Exhibit 132 of R  P). 

9 As per the record of this Cr.M.A. No.756/2010, applicant and her 
brother  Shri Mahesh Bhagwandas Bhati  pressurizes for tarnishing image  
of Judges for his/her ulterior motive.

10 As per record of this Cr.M.A. No.756/2010, this matter is fixed for  
final argument of applicant but neither her advocate H.K. Barot remained  
present nor she has filed any adjournment application, therefore matter is  
fixed  for final  argument  of applicant  as well as respondent.  Ultimately,  
this matter is fixed as on dtd. 05.01.2018. 

I assure your Kindness that in the present application,, every Judge has  
tried to protect right of parties to this application and afford reasonable  
opportunity of being heard. 

4 It appears on plain reading of the report that it is the applicant, 
who has created trouble for herself. It appears that she kept on levelling 
allegations against the Presiding Officers. It also appears that she kept 
on filing applications for transfer of the proceedings to any other Court. 
It also appears that on many occasions, her lawyer had not remained 

5 Be   that   as   it   may,   I  intend   to   give   one   last   opportunity   to   the 

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R/SCR.A/9002/2017 ORDER

applicant   to   proceed   with   the   matter   pending   before   the   Court 

6 Mr.   Sindhi,   the   learned   counsel   appearing   for   the   applicant 
submitted   that  the   applicant shall  not  level  any allegation  henceforth 
against any of the Presiding Officers and will fully cooperate for the final 
disposal of the application filed by her seeking maintenance from her 

7 With a view to give one last opportunity to the applicant, I direct 
the 6th  Additional Civil Judge and J.M.F.C, Gandhinagar to take up the 
Criminal   Miscellaneous   Application   No.756   of   2010   for   hearing   and 
dispose it of in accordance with law within a period of six weeks from 
the   date   of   receipt   of   this   order.   The   applicant   shall   extend   full 
cooperation for effective disposal of the maintenance application. 

8 With   the   above,   this   application   is   disposed   of.   Direct   service   is 


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