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FORM C: License to Store Film in Quantity not Exceeding 200 Pounds

(Article 1 of Schedule III)

No.                                             Fee Rs.

License is hereby granted to ________________________________________ valid only for the

storage of ________________________________ pounds of film at any one time in the premises

described below subject to the provisions of the Petroleum Act, 1934, and the Cinematograph Film Rules, 1948, and to the further conditions on the back of this license.

This license shall remain in force till the 31st day of December 19_________

The 19


District Authority

Description of the licensed premises

The licensed premises shown on Plan No _________ dated ___________________  attached hereto are situated at ___________ and consist of ___________________


Date of renewal

Date of expiry

Signature of licensing authority





The license is liable to be cancelled if the licensed premises when inspected are not found conforming to the description and conditions attached hereto and contravention of any of the rules and the conditions under which this license is granted is also punishable with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees for a first offence and which may extend to two thousand rupees for any subsequent offence.

Conditions of license


1. Film shall be stored-


(i) in a storage shed constructed of suitable uninflammable materials; the doors and ventilators may be of wood, and shall open outwards, or


(ii) in a tent, placed on private ground and separated by a distance of not less than 25 feet from any dwelling house, other building, highway, street, or public place.


2. The storage shed shall not form part of, or be attached to any building in which any person resides or works or where persons assemble for any purpose unless it is separated there from by a substantial floor or partition.


3. The storage shed, if in any building shall not be situated under any staircase or under any other means of exit likely to be required to be used for escape in case of fire.


4. The storage shed shall be adequately ventilated near the ground level and also near or in the roof. All ventilators shall be fitted with metal grids or similar suitable protection on the outside face of the wall and a layer of No. 16 mesh brass or other non-corroding metal wire-gauze on the inside face of the wall.


5. Film shall be kept in a securely closed fire-resisting receptacle.


6. The storage shed or tent shall not be used for any other purpose.


7. (i) All operations connected with examination, repairing, cleaning, waxing and rewinding of film shall only be carried out in the examination room which shall not be used for any other purpose, and shall be separated from the storage shed by a partition.


(ii) The examination room shall be constructed of fire-resisting materials only and well ventilated to the outside air.


(iii) Not more than two rolls of film only shall be opened for examination at any one time per examiner and not more than ten rolls in all shall be under examination or repair at any one time.


8. All film waste an
d scrap in the examination room shall be placed immediately in a strong metal receptacle fitted with a tight-hinged lid and marked “Film Waste” and kept under water until disposed of. The contents of the drums shall be disposed of at frequent intervals by burning under adequate precautions or in such other manner as may be prescribed by the licensing authority.


9. No alteration shall be carried out in the storage shed or examination room without the previous sanction in writing of the licensing authority. Such alterations so sanctioned shall be shown on an amended plan to be attached to this license.


10. No two sheds for the storage of film shall adjoin each other or be in the same building.


11. Adequate precautions shall at all times be taken for the prevention of accidents by fire or explosion and no smoking, fire or light or articles capable of causing fire to film shall be permitted at any time within the licensed premises.


12. The furniture and other articles shall be so arranged as to afford free egress to persons in the room in the event of fire.


13. There shall be kept posted up in large characters in the room-


(i) full instructions as to the action to be taken in case of fire, and


(ii) full directions as to the means of escape from the room in case of fire.


14. Free access to the licensed premises shall be given at all reasonable times to any Inspector and every facility shall be afforded to such Inspector for ascertaining that the rules and conditions are duly observed.


15. Any accident, fire or explosion occurring within the licensed premises which is attended with loss of human life or serious injury to persons or property shall be reported immediately to the nearest Magistrate or to the officer-in-charge of nearest police station and by telegram or telephone where such means of communication are available.


16. If the Licensing Authority calls upon the holder of a license by a notice in writing, to execute any repairs to the licensed premises which are in the opinion of such authority necessary for the safety of the premises, the holder of a license shall execute the repairs within such period, not being less than one week from the date of receipt of notice, as may be fixed by the notice.

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