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Ekapada-asana – The One-legged

1. Stand with the feet together and the arms by your sides (see the tad-asana).

2. Focus the eyes straight ahead on a spot midway between waist and eye level and remain focused there throughout this asana. (standing about five feet from a wall would be helpful).

3. Inhale and extend the arms directly in front, parallel with the floor with thumbs touching.

4. Exhale and raise the right knee bending the leg at a 90 degree angle, pause for a moment then extend the leg straight out in front pointing the toes forward.

5. Pause for a moment then swing the leg backward while bending forward at the waist.

6. Breath slowly through the nostrils and make sure the arms, torso and legs are parallel with the floor.

7. Hold the posture for at least 30 seconds and then return slowly to a standing position.

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