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How to use Microwave

The cooking time depends on the quality of ingredients, temperature, size and shape of dishes and voltage fluctuations.

1.It is better to check if the dish is ‘done’ after a shorter cooking time and then cook further if necessary, than let something over-cook.

2.Overcooking protein – rich foods like chicken, fish and meat, cheese and paneer will cause it to be ‘tough’. So check the correct required cooking time and cook further only if needed.

3.Cover the dishes to get a ‘steamed’ or ‘boiled’ effect. Cook without a lid to get a ‘baked or fried’ effect.

4.Place the cake on an inverted saucer for it to cook evenly. The cake dish can be greased or lined with butter paper to prevent the cake from sticking to the dish but it should not be dusted with flour.

5.Cakes look slightly moist on top (not sticky) when ‘done’ and will dry during the standing time(when left to cool).

6.Open the cover of steamed puddings during standing time.

7.Overcooked cakes become hard and rubbery when cooled.

8.Round or oval dishes are better than square dishes to bake cakes as the corners tend to get overcooked.

9.Mixtures rich in fat and sugar cook quickly in a microwave.

10.Arrange large pieces of vegetables, chicken, or fish in a single layer, bigger pieces outside and smaller ones in the middle.

11.When making sugar syrup with a small quantity of water, mix sugar and water and keep aside for 15 minutes, stir to dissolve the sugar before microwaving. Otherwise the sugar may caramelise.

12.While preparing sugar syrups, halwa, burfi, jam, white sauce, remember to stir occasionally. The wider the dish, the lesser the cooking time (specially for sugar syrups.)

13.If you are cooking double the quantity or volume stated in the recipe, the corresponding time to cook should increase by 50%. If only half the volume or quantity stated in the recipe is followed the time factor is to be reduced by 30%.

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