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Refrigerator How to

The refrigerator is the backbone of your kitchen. You can make it a healthy one by stocking low calorie or low fat food, high fibre foods, sauces, nutritious vegetables and fruits. Here are a few tips.

•Clean the refrigerator once a fortnight.
Arrange foods that are only good for you, eg. low sugar foods, high fibre vegetables like saag or palak, barley etc.

•Masalas and vegetables that are cut can be stored in a container. When you buy vegetables, cut them and store them. This can be used to make a ready to eat meal. Keep on the top shelf.

•Meal from left overs. Left overs can be made into a sumptuous meal. This can also be kept on the top shelf.

•Low fat foods. Reduce the oil and ghee as much as possible. Place low fat foods on top. For example: instead of whole milk, skimmed milk can be used and margarine can be used instead of butter.

•Conceal Desserts. We often place vegetables and fruits in the crisper and sometimes even forget about some of them. Yummy desserts can be kept in the crisper so that we don’t gorge on them always.

•Healthy eating can be fun. Healthy eating can be fun provided you plan the food well. Put a sticker of a particular colour e.g. yellow for a very nutritious meal and a red sticker for salads etc.

•Freeze fruits for children. Some fruits can be frozen like oranges, grapes, bananas etc. Children can snack on these. Instead of ice cream and creamy cakes, fruits can be given.

•Organise the foods. Keep the less used foods in the lower shelves.

Make these tips a part of your routine to save you time and make you healthy.

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