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Sexercise for better Health

Sex is not only associated with the feel good factor while actually experiencing it but it also is associated with living healthy, feeling active, slowing aging and living longer. Sex has many benefits. The following is a brief exploration of the benefits of having sex on a regular basis.

Sex is a form of physical exercise. Sex three times a week burns lots of calories, and if maintained throughout the year, is equivalent to jogging 75 miles. Sexual intercourse burns approximately 150 calories per half hour – about the same as running 15 minutes on a treadmill or playing a spirited game of squash.

Increased Blood Flow:
Sex helps increase the blood flow to your brain and to all other organs of your body. Increased heart rate and deep breathing accounts for the improvement in circulation. As fresh blood supply arrives, your cells, organs and muscles are saturated with fresh oxygen and hormones, and as the used blood is removed, you also remove waste products that cause fatigue and even illness.

Reduction of cholesterol:
Sex balances out the good cholesterol to bad cholesterol ratio, and at the same time reduces the overall cholesterol count in the body.

Pain relief:
During making love, the hormone oxytocin is secreted in your body which in turn causes the release of endorphins, which act as a powerful analgesic, elevating the pain and helping to relieve the aches of conditions like arthritis, whiplash and headaches. Thus if you have a headache, have sex rather than an abstaining from it.

Protection of the prostate gland:
Prostate gland-related disorders are known to be caused by or become worsened as a result of the secretions from the gland. Regular sexual activity eliminates these harmful secretions. However, a sudden change in the frequency of sex can also cause prostate-related disorders.

Stress relief:
The satisfaction and the relaxation after sex are beneficial for the mind and the circulatory system. People having frequent sex often report that they handle stress better. Many indicate that they sleep more deeply and restfully after satisfying lovemaking.

Boost Testosterone and Estrogen:
Regular sexual activity boosts testosterone and estrogen levels in both men and women. Besides boosting your libido testosterone fortifies bones and muscles. Some physicians suggest that testosterone keeps hearts healthy and good cholesterol high. Testosterone is what makes the sex drive in men and women more aggressive. It makes you want to have sex, pursue sex, initiate sex and perhaps dominate the lovemaking. Sex increases women’s estrogen levels keeping vaginal tissues suppler and also protecting against heart disease. It is estrogen that makes a woman sexually receptive and responsive to a man’s approach.

Live Longer, Stay Younger:
During sex, the hormone DHEA is secreted throughout the body. This promotes sexual excitement. According to studies DHEA may be the most powerful chemical in our personal world. It helps balance the immune system, improves cognition, promotes bone growth, and maintains and repairs tissues, keeping your skin healthy and supple. It may also contribute to cardiovascular health and even function as antidepressant.

Less frequent colds and flu:
Studies suggest that individuals who have sex once or twice a week show 30 percent higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which is known to boost the immune system.

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