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Hi Gupta,

I am so sorry that this case has been running since 2002. Needless to say amount of money you might have spent, time and agony you underwent. Thanks to the highly messed up legal system. What have you been doing all these years? Time is of essence in such cases. Had you counter filed, probably you could have closed this case by now and moved on with your life. Any way, I feel it’s never late. There are lot of counter cases you can file based on your specific situation. That’s the only way you can make her piss in her pants for a false 498a. The first place you got to look is yahoo SIFF group and . You got to attend local SIFF chapter and networking is very important. Do not trust your lawyer blindly. Trust me; most of the lawyers don’t know what they are doing and how to be street smart. Fire him if he is not able to deliver the results and take care of you “in your best interest”. You got to do enough research. 90% is your effort and 10% is of your lawyer. RTI is the biggest weapon you can use. I remember reading lot of cases where maintenance is denied but you got to do your research and give specific instructions to your lawyer with data (using RTI). Wish you good luck.

Lokesh: is it possible to post the URL of this case (where MBBS doctor is denied maintenance) for the benefit of other members? Also do you have any case details where wife is ordered to pay maintenance?

Thanks in advance.