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offence u/s498a is cognizable,non bailable & Non compoundable.You have to move High Court for quashing for FIR. After filing FIR investigation will begin. then trial. the outcome of the same will show if it is geniune case or not. it takes time.

woman files 498a case only when she knows there is no hope of living together. legal separation is well anticipated. do not think that she will not fight cases for her rights. there are many NGOs to help distressed muslim woman. you will be in trouble if you do not pay maintenance to her and your child .

if she communicates through mediators. first understand what she wants to communicate.

if you feel you are not guilty at all and your wife needs to be punished. you can file counter cases. if she is really innocent she will defend herself. Also think about your innocent child’s future.

think before you act so that you do not repent later..