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I think you have not seen the world enough Mr Dsouza!! You really think in all the marriages earning capacity of men and women is same.? When men follow women…they are driven by their beauty and want her to marry them(even if she is NOT earning equal..they cant control their urges to marry beautiful, decorative women)…make all the marital promises……..when all they want is a decorative maid servant, and if she doesn’t earn equal to him (which if you have ANY awareness of statistics, as you go overboard in claiming, you will know that its NOT necessary that equal earning people get married)…..they start exploiting her like evil zamindaars exploited slaves…..according to them, to keep par with him–she has to earn equal , and if she cannot ………she has to make up by working extra hard at home…while they can enjoy in couches and make her dance to their tunes….!!! You think men are innocent creatures…they are manipulative people…who want the best of both worlds….while choosing the conveniently convoluted logics…like some of your own logics Mr Dsouza…!!!

Ha !! So You THINK……equal hours is NOTHING…..if she cannot earn equal…EXPLOIT her to the core because poor thing has committed a crime of marrying a guy earning higher than her!!(YOU ARE living in a world of delusion if YOU think all marriages are between people who earn equal..ask men their choices…!!)

And YOU dont quote rare incidences, as general representation ..OK!!

and you think men dont marry women for money and dowry…which world are you living in??almost EVERY one expects dowry…and almost people are disappointed with what they get while they compare themselves to others….!! You think women are evil and men are made of pure gold… really are so oblivious to the evil nature of man that is going from bad to worse??

I am glad women say all that stiff………if men think they are slaves …..good they give it back to them. “Many men are happy to cook”…excuse me …how many….and have you heard of dividing chores…how many men fairly divide the chores…talk about numbers …go carry a survey’ll be ashamed of the laziness and mean-ness of your gender , you still havent answered ..if women work equal hours-how much housework sharing are they entitled to..??

“Many women do not give money to pay bills”…Pray tell me what happens to that money eventually…who benefits…her papa? her mummy? her boyfriend?………which world are you living in?? I know men who use their wives earnings to purchase properties…..!!! …….Earnings ghar mei aati hain to ghar mei hee use hoti hain…most women don’t eat up or keep it aside to build a gold graveyard for theimeselves of their money! dont men enjoy that beneit of financial security??